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You write it. We right it.

From editing your manuscript …

From your first creative spark to choosing the words that express your idea, we help you develop a text from the ground up. From structuring your manuscript through polishing it line-by-line and word-by-word, our editors help you produce a manuscript publishers want to buy.

… to getting it published

Writing and editing is only the beginning of the process of selling your manuscript. Next comes submitting your manuscript to publishers for their consideration. We do the research to help you find the right publisher for your work, create marketing materials and format your manuscript for publication.



Developmental editing — This is the foundation stage of the editing process. We scrutinize the structure, organization, logic, flow and consistency of your work, from characters and dialogues to pacing, plots and subplots, chapters and themes. In this stage, we offer advice on building a well-executed story or non-fiction work.

Substantive (line) editing — During this stage of the editing process, we tighten and polish your work at the prose level and consider the presentation of your story or message. Here, we look at the chapters, paragraphs and sentences of your work and make adjustments for clarity, logic, cohesiveness, and consistency. That way, your story or non-fiction work says what you want it to mean in the most powerful way.

All editing work includes copyediting at the end of the editing process. At this stage, we review your work and correct errors and inconsistencies in spelling, syntax, punctuation, capitalization and text formatting issues.


Research agents and publishers – Finding the right person or company to represent you is often the key to success in publishing, yet it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to locate that agent or publisher. We’ll save you time by researching and making recommendations of the agents and publishers most likely to accept your work.

Query letter writing/critiques – Agents and publishers have their own rules about how to submit your work for their consideration. Often those rules require you to submit query letters, or cover letters describing your work and your likely audience. We help you prepare query letters that satisfy these rules and get your work on the desks of agents and publishers.

Blurb/synopsis writing/critiques – An agent or publisher may ask you to take an active role in marketing your work by preparing blurbs (marketing copy) or synopses (summaries) of your text. We’ll help you market your work with strong, tight copy that promotes your story or message.

Post-submission formatting – If your agent or publisher asks you to reformat your work according to their specifications after you’ve submitted it, we can assist you in meeting their requirements to expedite the publication process.


We will help you every step of the way with our mentoring program, in which we assist you on an hourly basis from the developmental editing stage to post-submission formatting, at a special discounted rate on a retainer basis.